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photo  ⓒ Dominik Pfeffer


"Touch comes before sight, before speech, it is the first language and the last and it always tells the truth."

Margaret Atwood





When I give a thai massage I go back home. My intimate home. It's the precious moment of my day where the time does not exist anymore and where the corners of the room widen because the mind sweeps over boundaries. 

It's a smiling silence, a full presence, listening, a full connection with my heart and love in order to give .. and receive.

Otherwise called 'the sacred dance', Thai yoga massage is not only a treatment to relieve physical pain... its nature is broader, Thai massage is first of all a spiritual practice, a meditation in movement. The masseur is in constant motion, manipulating the client's body to circulate stagnant energy and free the joints. The movements, weight changes and manipulations are studied and controlled like a dance sequence that requires fluidity, rhythm, fullness and precision.

With this therapy, which is both very physical and extremely sensitive, I bring together in the same circle two aspects that are very dear to my personality: physical challenge and altruistic compassion.


KRISHNATAKI (Greece) : student of the Thai massage masters Pichet, Chayuth and Asokananda

SIAWASCH PEYMAN (Austria) : thai massage and fascia work

DAVID LUTT (France) : founder of osteothai


On the preventive side, it activates the free flow of energy and improves fluid circulation, digestion, breathing capacity, body posture, flexibility, as well as releasing nervous tension.

On the therapeutic side, it can cure a large number of pathologies such as lower back pain, headaches, digestive problems, stress, insomnia, nervous imbalance, neck and shoulder muscular tightness…and the list goes on…



depending on the specific need of each person, I orientate the massage through different techniques such as:

deep tissue, acupressure on chinese meridians, fascia work, dinamic thai massage, osteo-thai techniques, cranio-sacral touch



between 1H45/2H 


you are dressed (no oil massage) and the massage is given on a futon on the floor


 Therapy room at Espace Bamboo, 79 rue Hotel de Monnaie, 1060 Saint Gilles

To book a massage contact me:

0032 483 396828

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