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Pink Sugar



out door/site specific performance

creation 2016

By observing the new technological tricks such as smartphones, tablets, i-Pads, i-Pods, and all the tools people use to avoid waiting, I first felt a strong feeling of sadness and emptiness towards the underestimated relational and imaginative potential of a wait in today's society.

After a while, this sensation turned into the willingness and need to step away from the dull social connotation as which the act of waiting is usually portrayed, that is: boredom.

That's how I represented my pastime: a big, rectangular-shaped, wooden box that recalls me the shape of a smartphone.

“Waiting for the fishes” it's an itinerant, urban performance that explores the theme of waiting by playing with object manipulation, creativity, challenge, social interaction and improvisation.

Accompanied by my "pastime", a large and heavy wooden box that may remind the classic smartphone from which we all are inseparable, I abandon myself to the passing of time and welcome waiting as an opportunity for creation, invention and dialogue.


Where are we all running to in this life? Perhaps simply from one wait to another?

If so, I prefer to enjoy every moment of this interminable wait, reinventing myself each time... perhaps I will at least have the illusion that waiting does not exist.

I will wait for the fishes… won't you?


Created and performed by: Silvia Pezzarossi

Artistic assistance: Micha Goldberg and Simon Gillard

Supported by: Maison de la culture de Molenbeek, CC Brass



  • September 2019 Istanbul Fringe Festival

  • October 2018 Performare Festival , Catania, Italy 

  • september 2017 Fetes Romanes, CC Wolubilis, Brussels

  • November 2016 Kunstendag voor kinderen in Wiels, Pianofabriek, Rosas, Brussels

  • April 2016 Festival Molendance, Maison des cultures de Molenbeek, Brussels


Waiting for the fishes at Dance Days Chania Festival, Crete, August 2021

Pink Sugar
"Waiting for the fishes... " Dance Days Chania 2021

"Waiting for the fishes... " Dance Days Chania 2021

Riproduci Video
Pink Sugar

'Waiting for the fishes' au Festival Molendance, Bruxelles 2016

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