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           creation 2013


Created in 2014 thanks to the choreography projet of the artistic collective "20 young choregrapher for brussels" of which I was part, Mucyclo is a 20 minute explosive duo-performance where dance meets the sounds of a bicycle, turning it into a music instrument.

Knitting needles become percussion sticks, while wheels led the dancer's movement.

A mysterious conversation between two individuals occurs on the stage.
Respectively through sound and through movements, the two start telling their own story. Eventually, their paths collide and intertwine, creating synchrony, surprise, contradiction, divergence and, from time to time, wait.

Movement as a flow of imagination.

Movement as the endless search of the human being of something, such as a desire.

Movement as the physical transformation of a body in the process of discovering itself.

Concept and creation: Silvia Pezzarossi

Interpreters: Silvia Pezzarossi and Solange Schifferdecker/Micha Goldberg

Supported by: Studio Hybrid, Educateam - Musée Royal d'Art Ancien de Belgique, Smartbe et Cie Marie Martinez & Artistes,  Centre culturel Wolubilis, Centre culturel Brass.



  •   Juin 2015 :  Festival Super Mouche/Super Vlieg Park de Forest, Bruxelles

  •   Sept 2014 : Fêtes Romanes à Wolubilis, Bruxelles.

  •   Mai 2104: Les Ecuries - Charleroi Danse, Charleroi, Belgique.

  •   Février 2014: Bozar- Palace of Fine Arts, Bruxelles.

  •   Janvier 2014: Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Bruxelles

for more details visit:

"Mucyclo", Les Ecuries des Charleroi Danse, May 2014

"Mucyclo", Les Ecuries des Charleroi Danse, May 2014

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