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black box creation 2017/2018

"En attendant que les poissons passent..." teaser_spectacle de Silvia Pezzarossi.
Riproduci Video

“En attendant que les poissons passent..." is a dance-theatre performance built around the concept of "waiting".

​A wooden box lies in the middle of the scene. On top of it, an empty aquarium is placed ... 

Then, where are the fishes?



The show is a solo-performance of 45 minutes, a running time in which we, together with the author, experience a wait that captivates us through dance, theatre, pure performance, as well as through moments of interactions between author and public, play, and surprise.

The author drew inspiration from the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi to covey the concept of “waiting”:

Waiting gives us access to the unknown, to the unreal, and to the abstract. It allows us to daydream and travel towards the objects of our desire without being stuck in reality.

Therefore, the act of waiting becomes "infinite pleasure".

"Boredom is the noblest of human feelings, since it shows us the inadequacy of existing things face to the greatness of Desire." 

(Giacomo Leopardi)


Created in september 2017 at Maison de la Culture de Molenbeek and  Theatre Marni (Bruxelles)

creation and interpretation: Silvia Pezzarossi

artistic assistance: Simon Gillard, Sophie Jaskulski

drama advise: Paul Pourveur

stage and sound manager: Simon Gillard

light creation: Tarek Lambrabti

light design: Nelly Framinet

With the support of: Théâtre Marni, Maison des cultures de Molenbeek, CC Brass, CC Les Riches claires, Ten Weyngaert, Tournées Art et Vie - Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, WBI.

   TOUR DATES           

  • 21/09/2019 Istanbul Fringe Festival

  • 3/12/2018 Centre culturel Les Riches Claires, Bruxelles

  • 05/05/2018 LiveBamp, Bamp, Bruxelles

  • 9/05/2018 Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Bruxelles

  • 11/12/2017 Maison de la Culture de Molenbeek, Brussels

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